MobLab 17
15 November 2017, Bellinzona


The program of MobLab18 is now online


We present a wide range of topics ranging across the spectrum of mobility, industry, innovation and sustainability. Industrial systems and maintenance, connectivity and artificial intelligence, economic and environmental impacts are only some of the major themes within the Conference. We will have updates on our understanding of the future of mobility.


This year, MobLab18 will develop two essential topics regarding mobility: Time and Space.  The perception of these elements has in fact in the last decades undergone a radical mutation. In fact, nowadays, places that were far-away can be reached within few hours and are affordable to everyone. This thanks to the technological innovation that transformed transportation in an efficient and partially sustainable way.

The distances are shortened, time becomes precious and the problems related to mobility changes. How to manage the increasing number of persons traveling or commuting? With limited space, how shall we proceed to allow everyone to travel on time and to move freely without causing congestion? How far can technology be pushed to reduce travel times? To these and many other questions will be discussed at MobLab18.


25 September 2018
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