MobLab 17
15 November 2017, Bellinzona


MobLab17 is an excellent opportunity to interact with a diverse group of scientists, students, and industrial professionals involved in the fields of mobility, railways, innovation and sustainability and their related industries, to list only a few. Increase your organization’s exposure to the national and international markets and public by sponsoring with us!

For more information, you can download the Sponsoring Brochure at the following site:

For any inquiries, or for additional information, please contact:


Conference Secretariat
Mrs. Stefanie Fu╠łglister

P +41918662222


Organization Committee
Mr. Simone Bernasconi

P +41765592259


Viale Officina 19

CH-6500 Bellinzona

TI Switzerland

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Hotel & Spa Internazionale Bellinzona