MobLab 17
Conferenza internazionale sulla mobilità sostenibile, industria ed innovazione
15 novembre 2017, Bellinzona


Giambattista Ravano

Prof. Director of Innovation and Research, SUPSI

Giambattista Ravano obtained his combined undergraduate/graduate degree in physics from the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) where he worked there as a teaching and research assistant. He spent several years working as a physics teacher at various baccalaureate schools. As an IT specialist, he played a pivotal role in the development of computer science curricula in baccalaureate schools in the Canton of Ticino. He further specialised in IT in private industry, working as an analyst and project manager for an international IT consulting firm, which was part of an international maritime transport group. He continues to work as a company manager, consultant and manager of various IT projects. He was Director of the Information Systems Department and a board member of a UK-based maritime transport company with offices around the world. He ran a large number of IT projects, ranging from the development of new IT systems to deployment of corporate telecommunications networks.


At the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), he works as a professor of software engineering, database management and IT systems. He is also the Deputy Director for Research and Innovation and a member of SUPSI's Directorship, former Director of SUPSI's Department of Innovative Technologies for twelve years.
As responsible for research at SUPSI he developed the new research strategy of the institution structuring the research in well-defined focus (Forschungschwerpunkte).
As Department Director leaded the development of EU projects contributing to SUPSI leadership in number of FP7 and H2020 projects among Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences.
He was instrumental in the development of SUPSI's new Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Science as well as SUPSI’s IT research activities. He also helped the University of Lugano establish their new Faculty of Informatics and developed a joint USI-SUPSI Master of Science in Informatics programme (with specialisation in applied informatics). He favours a multidisciplinary approach in SUPSI’s research activities and coordinates the research activities of his own department among four affiliated institutes. He developed two new Bachelor of Science programmes, supervised implementation of Bologna reform requirements for engineering programmes, and introduced the Master of Science programme. Working with other institutions, he has developed international activities and cooperation in relation to degree programmes and research in engineering.


His continuing activities in the private sector combined with close contacts with industry led to his involvement in, and subsequent management of, technology transfer activities on behalf of higher education institutions in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. He is President of the AGIRE Foundation, which is comprised of the Associazione Industrie Ticinesi (AITI), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ticino, the Ticino Cantonal Administration, the University of Lugano, SUPSI and other regional economic development bodies. The AGIRE Foundation is responsible for coordinating regional development and innovation activities. The AGIRE Foundation has also been given a cantonal government mandate to allocate innovation funding to start-up companies and already established companies.


Giambattista Ravano has been a member of the Swiss Science and Innovation Council from beginning 2012 to end 2015.
Was also member of the Research commission of KFH and of the Education commission of KFH.
Since 2015 he is Vice President of the Swiss Accreditation Council.


Giambattista Ravano is the father of five grownup children and a grandfather.

Gianbattista Ravano
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