MobLab 17
15 November 2017, Bellinzona

How to reach

Conference Venue Address: Viale H. Guisan 5, CH-6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland

How to reach Auditorium BancaStato by car
Traveling from north
(such as from Zurich or Basel follow the highway direction "Lugano / Chiasso")
1. Take the exit "Bellinzona Nord" and follow the signs to Bellinzona.
2. Proceed on the main road for approx. 3.3 km until you reach a pedestrian traffic light (4th light after motorway exit).
3. Take the next right (about 180m from the traffic light) onto a small parking lot.
4. The Auditorium BancaStato is located on your right in the big brown building.

Traveling from south
(such as Lugano or Italy follow the highway direction "San Gottardo/San Bernardino")
1. Take the exit "Bellinzona Sud" and follow signs to “Bellinzona/San Gottardo” which is about 4 km north (always remain on the main road).
2. In Bellinzona at the first roundabout go right until you reach the 2nd intersection with a traffic light.
3. At the traffic light go straight ahead for about 70m and take a left into a small parking lot.
4. The Auditorium BancaStato is located on your right in the big brown building.
The Auditorium BancaStato offers only a very limited parking space for visitors. Convenient parking is found:

  • in the parking lot "Ex Stallone" right behind the Auditorium BancaStato. To reach entrance of the open parking lot follow via Vincenzo Vela until the 1st intersection and take a right turn (see map P1).
  • in the parking lot "Piazza del Sole" which is at the foot of the main castle (residing on a rock). The entrance to the underground parking lot is opposite to via Vincenzo Vela (see map P2).

How to reach Auditorium BancaStato by train
From the north (e.g. Zurich main station) take a southbound train to Lugano / Chiasso / Milano until Bellinzona. When you are traveling from the south take a train to Chiasso / Zurich / Basel. For the train time table see
Walking from the station of Bellinzona to the Auditorium BancaStato takes less than 10 min. Leaving the station turn left and walk down the main street “viale Stazione” until you reach the first street that turns right “via Claudio Pellandini”. Continue walking until you reach the main street at the traffic light (in front of you is the Hotel Unione). Cross the street and take a right. Continue to straight ahead. The Auditorium BancaStato is the big brown building in front of you.

How to reach Auditorium BancaStato by plane
The closest airport is Lugano-Agno (LUG) with connections from Zurich and Geneva Airport. A convenient shuttle bus will take you from Agno to the train station in Lugano (for time table see Board one of the frequent northbound trains to Zurich, Basle, or Bellinzona (for time table see The two nearest international airports are Zurich-Airport (ZRH, Switzerland) or Milano-Malpensa (MXP, Italy).
From Zurich-Airport trains depart from within the airport terminal. Take a train to Zurich main station and switch to any southbound train to Lugano / Chiasso / Milano. For details go to the Swiss rail web site at
Malpensa is connected with Bellinzona by a shuttle bus and the journey takes between 2h and 2h30. (for time table see or by train (

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