MobLab 17
15 November 2017, Bellinzona

Topic & Fields

Mean of transportation

  • Kickboard
  • Bike
  • Motorcycle
  • Car
  • Bus
  • Truck
  • Tram
  • Train
  • Aircraft
  • Drone
  • Spacecraft
  • Unknown (new)


1. Industrial systems and maintenance
2. Automation, connectivity, artificial intelligence
3. Technology, design and production
4. Safety and reliability in transport systems
5. Mass mobility systems and services
6. Freight transport and logistics
7. Security awareness & transport infrastructure
8. Social, economic and environmental impacts
9. Cybersecurity and rising threats

10. Man-machine interaction


  • Innovation: Trends, disruptive, incremental, radical
  • Regulations: National, International, standardization
  • Models, concepts, processes & methodologies: Industrial, maintenance, logistics
  • New means of Transportation: Energy, propulsion systems, equipment


Sustainable mobility:

it is the mobility model that enables movement with minimal environmental and territorial impact.

Industry 4.0 / Industry 2025:

the fourth industrial revolution, is a collective term embracing a number of contemporary automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies.


New/adapted mean of transportation:

any vehicle/system that you can travel or carry goods in.

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